Statistical Yearbook 1969

The Statistical Yearbook of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria with data for 1969 is available for the users on the web. The publication is structured in XX sections on the principle of previous statistical yearbooks and contains data on the development of the country in all areas of the economic, cultural and social life. At the beginning of each section the data sources and brief methodological notes are shown. The Statistical Yearbook contains an overview by districts: population, labour, industry, agriculture, capital investments and construction, transport and communications, domestic trade, education, culture, health care and housing and utilities. The publication also contains an international review by countries with data on territory and population, industrial production, agriculture, transport, domestic trade, foreign trade, education, culture and health care. The Yearbook also includes an alphabetical index.

The publication is available in Bulgarian and consists of 688 pages.


Electronic edition of the “Statistical Yearbook 1969”


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