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Census of January 1, 1893
Census of January 1, 1893

The Library of the National Statistical Institute has published “Census of January 1, 1888” and “Census of January 1, 1893.” digital collections.

Users of statistical information have free of charge online access to nearly 10,000 digital pages statistical information about the population by age, marital status, birthplace, residence, mother tongue, literacy, nationality, towns, districts and others.
The two censuses conducted after the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia (January 1, 1888 and January 1, 1893), are extremely valuable not only for their times, but from a historical perspective.
Object of study is the population in a wide range of demographic indicators, and the one from 1893 – the housing too. These initial attempts of the young Bulgarian state in the implementation of statistical studies contribute greatly to the organization of statistical activities, qualification of staff and creation of habits among the population to be subjected to statistical surveys. The whole administrative apparatus of the state and the intelligentsia was involved in the census. By the end of the XIX century censuses were carried out by Royal Decree and were considered nationwide events with utmost importance.